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We are a full-service laboratory focused on hygiene disposable and superabsorbent polymer analysis. We offer moisture management testing services for Adult Incontinence Products, Baby Diapers, Pet Pads, Superabsorbent Polymers and more.


The team at Absorbent Product Services has 50+ years of accumulated experience working with superabsorbent polymers and hygiene disposable products. Our expert team members are not only well-versed in Laboratory Analysis and Technical Service, we leverage backgrounds in Manufacturing, Sales, Marketing, Research and Development to provide you with a full-service relationship.  

We understand that product development is a process, and a key part of that is analysis. Our experienced team can work with you to understand not only your products performance, but the performance of your competitors products as well. 

So, why choose Absorbent Product Services for your laboratory support?

We develop custom projects and testing that meet your specifications, giving you results, WHEN you need them.  


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